Escale Détente - Pause assurée avec mes différents massages sur chaise ou sur table afin de vous relaxer pleinement et de vous ressourcer.
massages au salon
massages à domicile
massages en entreprise
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Pleasure to offer, I propose you good presents, massage of your choice, to the lounge or at home. The good presents are to be removed from the lounge:


Pratitionner specialized in the natural physical techniques of relaxation.

Any shape of modelling and massages usually presents no risk on a healthy subject. However, in certain case the modelling and the massages can be dissuaded. To take no risk bound (connected) to your health I shall ask you to fill (perform) a questionnaire, to adapt the modelling or the massages to your particular situation by avoiding for example a painful zone. However, there are cases where I shall bring no service (performance): pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, phlébite, disease skin (eczema, zoned (bummed around)), recent operation, cardiovascular disease.

The list above and not exhaustive, if you are not on that a modelling or that a massage are adapted, it is always advisable to consult your doctor and to take a medical opinion (notice).

I am not authorized to treat (manipulate)