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Reiki: 35€

the reiki is a manual therapy which brings a supplement of energy to our body. The reiki is not a massage, he not it in no movement and you remain dressed. I put my hands above the body and I let pour the energy is going to go naturally to the zones which need it. The reiki gets fresh ideas, relaxes, frees the energy blockings, strengthens the immune system, limits the pain and eliminates toxin of the body.

Duration: 1 hour.



Chinese seated

ally firmness and sweetness. He aims at getting a big muscular relaxation and at favoring so the increase of the amplitude of movement, he causes a blood circulation increased in the muscular tissue, he produces of this fact of the obvious bienfais. This technique uses the éffleurage The kneading, the friction as well as the percussions in targeted places.

Duration: 1 hour.

an energy approach based on the principles of the Chinese traditional method is. It has for objective to eliminate the energy blockings and to warn and to maintain the health By exercising a series of movements. Besides being stimulating, he allows to reach a deep state of relaxation and well-being an inside. He is practised on ergonomic chair T excludes the treatment of legs.

Duration: 15 / 20 minutes.


care of the world:

hot stones:

he(it) conveys an image of relaxation and well-being, it is a footbridge to let go to him(it) (stress, anxiety) and the muscular relaxation. 

Duration: 1 hour.

the heat of stones of basalt ( volcanic rock) allows to offir a thermal contrast on the body. Stones are then coated with oil of massage to favor the fluidity(flow) of the gesture(movement), And reduce the friction. Polished stones offer more heat than the hand cannot make him(it), and so contribute to the vasodilatation of fabrics(tissues). The heat ( ideal temperature 49 ) allows actually to relax muscles and natural tensions of the body. Gestures(movements) can varied by a massage in one others. 

Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes.



I use exclusively oil stemming from the organic farming so that they can confer you their entire virtues and benefactions and so that they can be really effective and healthy.

he allows to relax, to solve(undo) the tensions and to reconcile his (her,its) body with are mental. To have a practice in the morning before going to work or in the evening. The beneficial effects of oil, soft appaisantes musics in bottom, an archetypal Zen care.

Duration: 1 hour.


Any shape of modelling and massages usually presents no risk on a healthy subject. However, in certain case the modelling and the massages can be dissuaded. To take no risk bound (connected) to your health I shall ask you to fill (perform) a questionnaire, to adapt the modelling or the massages to your particular situation by avoiding for example a painful zone. However, there are cases where I shall bring no service (performance): pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, phlébite, disease skin (eczema, zoned (bummed around)), recent operation, cardiovascular disease.

The list above and not exhaustive, if you are not on that a modelling or that a massage are adapted, it is always advisable to consult your doctor and to take a medical opinion (notice).

I am not authorized to treat (manipulate)